Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Raquel Lauren, Q & A

Your work has a vintage, dream-like quality. Can you explain how you achieve that look/mood?

To get the dreamy, vintage quality in these photos I started by choosing color palettes that mimic the muted, faded colors of an old photograph and then used materials that would have an inherently worn looking quality. I first shot the images with a neutral toned chrome film and then exposed them onto Polaroid film which can be used to make dye transfers. I then made the transfers onto watercolor paper and made high resolution scans of the transfer prints. After a small amount of adjusting (mostly contrast adjustments) I then printed the final images onto canvas. I felt that the canvas would best emulate the texture of the dye transfers and I also want to stretch the prints over wooden bars, like one would do with a painting, so that the result could be unframed without looking unfinished.

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