Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Artist Carla Reyes Kicks Off the New "G-Train Salon" Season this Fall!

Dear friends and fans,

Summer is over and we are pleased to announce the return of the "G-Train Salon" at Urban Alchemist Design Collective this month! A true G-train diva with roots in Queens and a studio in Greenpoint, mixed media artist Carla Reyes inaugurates the season with works from The Texture Garden Series, a "garden variety" site-specific installation comprised of natural and manmade motifs, gardens and ceramics. Please join us for the salon on Friday, September 25th from 7-9pm! Reyes will discuss her exhibition with the audience at 8pm following the cocktail hour.

Carla Reyes at Urban Alchemist Design Collective (5th Avenue + 5th St., Park Slope, Bklyn)

The Texture Garden Series

September 25-October 16, 2009

The Texture Garden Series at Urban Alchemist is an exploration of the interaction between manmade elements and nature. A collection of original mixed media collage paintings and objects, the installation connotes natural motifs, forms, and textures found in “gardens,”–from interpretations of Zen rock gardens, to man-made decorative garden objects, to plant forms–all created using combinations of “natural” and manmade materials. They are textural snapshots of processes taking place–from growth to decay–all frozen in time; the artist attempting to control nature, as expected, but also showing the beauty and profundity of this unending struggle. In the end, this “garden” can only be preserved by isolating it from the natural world. If exposed to the elements, it too would evolve or decay as nature dictates.

Images Courtesy of the Artist

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

G-Train Salon Partners with Neighborhood Wine Shop "Picada y Vino!"

Hi Everyone!

We would like to officially announce our new wine sponsor, "Picada y Vino"!

This beautiful wine shop in the Slope specializes in over 250 handpicked vintages and will provide a sampling of spirits for Friday's salon (and the upcoming events) at Urban Alchemist Design Collective.

See you this Friday at 7pm and speak with artist Carla E. Reyes at the 8pm salon.

Check out "Picada y Vino" online: http://www.picadayvino/ or in person at 327 Fifth Avenue.


G-Train Salon :)