Monday, June 28, 2010

Great Art and Kindred Spirits Part 2

Hey all!

We're back (for a little while anyway ; ) Keeping up this blog is harder than we anticipated (so much art to see and so little time to write lengthy essays about it!) but here goes . . .

  Last time, we mentioned a few highlights about some of the artists we encountered on Governor's Island at LMCC Open Studios (if you need a refresher, here's a great Flavorpill feature and slideshow about the artists' remote but beautiful environs).  As enthusiasts of the G-Train, we couldn't wait to introduce you to the hereby dubbed "Greenpoint Girls" of the Work Progress Collective, a dynamic female artist/journalist/photography trio who are currently collecting recession-based images for a month-long installation in their Governor's Island studio. 

We chatted with the artists for some time and were really excited about their mission, collaborative spirit and knowledge/affiliation with Greenpoint Brooklyn.  We look forward to getting to know WPC more in the future! Speaking of which, get to know them as well at their next and last open studios on July 24-25.

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