Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fanny Allié's "Somewhere Else" at Urban Alchemist

Missed Wednesday night's salon? No worries! We've got your image-heavy recap right here ; ) Thanks to the new faces that formed the crowd and to Fanny who, for the first time in "G-Train Salon" history created an interactive installation that, literally, speaks to the Park Slope pedestrian.

The artiste tweaking the blue pile of clay letters before the main event

And, Voila! The finished product. Think on THAT 

 A couple shots from the outside

This is the first sentence in her story.  We'll post the next when she switches it up! 

Up close and personal

These are all sentences waiting to hatch!!


  1. Very cool! The clay looks kinda like taffy, making the shop window look like a candy shop display.

  2. Cool observation, LeslieTravel! We like. So true!