Thursday, January 13, 2011

The OSH Salon Sneak Peek

   The G-Train Salon is a roving, conversation-based exhibition series that made its debut in February 2009 from a living room on Atlantic Avenue.  A collaboration between independent curators, Krista Saunders and Jill Benson ─ and the residents/organizations that lend them space and opportunity ─ the G-Train Salon presents a series of intimate exhibitions in which each artist leads a discussion with the audience.  

    “The Old Stone House, New Histories,” is an opportunity to showcase local talent based in and around Park Slope, Brooklyn.  We also collaborated with artists who incorporate history, time and memory in their work as a nod to the storied past of this historic, Brooklyn enclave: artist Andrew Zarou’s collages recycle newspaper and fragmented documents; Karen Schoellkopf’s post-industrial Buffalo landscapes embody old and new meanings of home; and Boris Rasin and Kenny Komer’s site-specific installation charts the evolution of the American flag.  Mason Saltarrelli’s playful chronology and found motifs migrate throughout his tarnished canvases while Henry Chung’s found photographs are reborn with the aid of an obscure computer punch tape device.  Artist Robert Walden ─ whose cartography-informed works literally map out his past actions ─ manages RHV Fine Art with Chung in the burgeoning artistic community of South Slope.  

  Meet the artists at the opening and closing salons on February 1 from 6-8pm and February 27 from 4-6pm.
Washington Park/JJ Byrne Playground
5th Ave. at 3rd St.
Brooklyn NY 11215
F train to 4th Ave/9th St.

Boris Rasin. Arch Masons. Pencil on gessoed MDF, 10.25" x 7.25," 2010

Boris Rasin. Skull and Bones. Pencil on gessoed MDF. 10.25" x 7.25," 2010

Karen Schoellkopf. Waterfronts. 2006-present. Digital c-prints. 20" x 24"

Robert Walden. Ontological Road Map 042806. 2006. Latex and ink on panel. 10" x 10"

Robert Walden. Ontological Road Map 070210. 2010. Ink on paper. 38" x 38"

Henry Chung. Anonymous #39. 2010. Computer punch tape. 35" x 24"

Henry Chung. Anonymous #21. 2008. Computer punch tape. 42" x 22"

Andrew Zarou. Temperate Vacuum. 2009. Aluminum and paper collage. 19" x 19"

Andrew Zarou. Sleep Lab. 2009. Spray paint on paper & plastic collage. 17" x 14"

Mason Saltarrelli. Kachina Found. 2010. Oil on Found Object. 19"x25"

Mason Saltarrelli. Strange. 2010. Unframed. Gouache on paper. 14" x 17"