About Us

     The G-Train Salon made its debut in February 2009 from a living room on Atlantic Avenue.  A conversation-based exhibition series organized by a formerly Queens-based curator/saloniere and her Brooklyn-based partners, the venture has evolved into a collaboration between Krista Saunders and Jill Benson (two Brooklyn-based, independent curators who met as docents at the New Museum of Contemporary Art) and the generous residents/businesses that continue to offer them space and opportunity.  

    Each season, the G-Train Salon presents a series of solo exhibitions featuring emerging artists.  Each artist designs a site-specific installation for the space in question and hosts a discussion with the audience on opening night.  The G-Train Salon also encapsulates this blog--a roving curatorial platform that allows us to continue the conversation beyond the exhibition space.  Check in for fun and insightful updates about our studio visits, artist interviews/highlights, art beyond New York City (!), and, of course, a play-by-play of the salons and dynamic spaces we temporarily inhabit. 

We believe in:

Providing exposure and solo exhibition opportunities for emerging artists

Building relationships between viewers and artists

Bringing art and artists to unexpected places and spaces

Mutually-beneficial community partnerships

Having fun!